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Our Process

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We follow the AKC guidelines for breeding. We never breed before a dog is two years old. Females go through two heat cycles a year. Only a few litters per girl and if she needs to be retired sooner we will. We currently do not have any active studs, so we breed with studs from Autumn Lake Golden Retrievers. 

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A female pregnancy lasts for approximately 62-64 days. A week before her due date we bring our expected mom up to our bathroom each night and she sleeps with the shower door open with a bed of towels. 90% of the time they have them there and at night. 



We take their temperature and look for signs and when labor begins we stay up and help deliver them which normally takes about 8-10 hours. We have an emergency vet notified and on call in case any complications we cannot handle.  After they are delivered we transport them to a kiddie pool lined with paper and take care of them very closely for the next 2-3 weeks



Born in the shower on our heated floors to make sure they are warm and comfortable. 


Week 2 they move into the kiddie pool with the mom. They will open their eyes between weeks 2 and 3. We are full hands on deck lots of mom time and we are consistently monitoring the puppies if they need to be bottle fed or extra care. We stay by the puppies 24/7 and monitor feeding needs. We are versed in puppy CPR. 



Puppies are moving around a lot more. they start beginning to tumble around a lot. The equivelant of a toddler. 


Week 4 is a big week! Our pups will get their first bath. They will start to transition off of mom and to wet food because their sharp little puppy teeth have begun to emerge! We're still taking lots of naps in large puppy piles! The puppies start moving even more. Mom doesn't stay with us as often now, but still makes sure to check in on us! 



It's time to pick out your furever pup! At this point we schedule each family to come in the order of deposit and select which pup they want to take home! This is when we really start to see the pups develop personalities. If you know your name we will start calling your pup by that name as early as possible!


The pups are learning to play and get more socialization. Get to be outside and play in grass and learn lots of new sights and smells. Mom is always with them if she wants to be, but can choose to take breaks when she needs. 



"They stuck me with needles! But it was okay I think it was for my safety!"


Pups will get their first set of shots including parovirus and distemper! 

We're outside a whole lot at this point and we're meeting more adults and children to get us ready for new experiences. 


"It's time to come pick me up Mom and Dad! I am ready to leave my litter and join my new home! It would be great if you could bring me a blanket to capture mom's scent and the people taking care of me will send you home with some materials including the food I am currently eating! My tummy might not be ready to switch to the food you got yet so this will help me transition!" - Your new puppy (probably)

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