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Welcome! We're so happy you found us! Searching to find your perfect puppy can be exhausting! We hope we've made learning about us and the kind of puppies we breed has been a less stressful experience. Below you can find our steps to getting onto our waitlist and our Application for those interested in getting a puppy. If you are interested please fill it out and if we are a good fit you will hear from us soon! 

Step 1

Figure out if a Branchway Forest Golden Retriever is right for you! It's important for you to be comfortable getting your future family member from us as much as it is for us be comfortable giving you one of our puppies.

Step 2

Read about our process and then check to see if we have an upcoming litter you are interested in. We have a waitlist and only take 3 deposits per litter before birth. We can not gurantee a specific look or coloring, every puppy and every litter is different. 

Step 3

Apply as a prospective puppy parent through our application. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to know more.

Step 4


Take a breath and give us time! If we have a puppy we will reach out to you as soon as we know. Feel free to stay in touch, but we are a small operation and focus on the health and happiness of our dogs above all else!

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